Monday, October 22, 2007

Fans Organize November 9th Pancake Protest against ABC Daytime President

Fans of ABC Daytime Programming to call for the immediate removal of Brian Frons as ABC Daytime and are launching a boycott and protest campaign against Disney

Washington, DC --- Monday October 22, 2007

Save our Soaps (SOS)!

As long time fans of Soap Operas on ABC Daytime, we have seen the soap operas that we have grown up with, raised our children watching, and grown to love turned into an unrecognizable circus. Characters that we have loved have been killed off with no forethought, written out of character, or just disappeared from our television screens without any real explanation. In return, we have been inundated with characters that have no history with these shows and who we as fans have no real interest in watching.Many fans have complained to the leadership of ABC Daytime to no avail. The current President of ABC Daytime, Brian Frons is not interested in maintaining the history or the integrity of the soaps that we love. Instead he and his team would rather force characters and story lines on the fans that we are not interested in seeing.It is time that we as fans of the programming on ABC Daytime take a stand and let the people that be at ABC Media Group and at Disney know how we feel about the direction of the programming at ABC Daytime! We need to stand together as one voice and be heard...we can make a difference.

We the disenchanted fans of the programming at ABC Daytime are launching a letter writing campaign to protest the poor leadership of ABC Daytime. On the 9th of November, we ask that all concerned fans write a letter to Anne Sweeney, the Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks & President of ABC Media Group expressing to her your displeasure with the quality of the programming on ABC Daytime. We want to send these letters at the same time so that we can speak with one unified voice to the people that be at Disney/ABC. We also encourage you tell your friends and family about this protest and get them involved also. As part of our protest of the callous treatment of tenured actors on their shows we are asking that you also include a cooked pancake in a plastic bag along with your letter to the network. We the fans of ABC Daytime hope that by doing this protest we will get the prompt attention of the television network.Please send your letters to:

Anne Sweeney
President ABC Entertainment
500 S. Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521-4551
(310) 557-7777

As part of our protest against the poor programming on ABC Daytime fans are asking all angry viewers to boycott watching ABC Daytime programming on every Monday during the month of November (sweeps month) in order to get our message across that we are serious about our demands for change within the ABC Daytime leadership. We also ask that you contact the sponsors of ABC Daytime Programming and make them aware of your disgust with the current state of the programming.If we stand together in our campaign to remove Brian Frons from leadership at ABC Daytime and restore our soaps, we can make a difference!

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